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Why Cloud Computing Is Ideal for Small Businesses

The benefits of adopting a cloud computing strategy have already been realized by many of today’s small-business owners. Lower costs, better collaboration, increased flexibility and greater integration are just some of the benefits of integrating the cloud. In an earlier post we discussed some of the factors to consider when choosing a cloud storage solution for your business – “5 important factors to consider when choosing a cloud storage solution for your small business” . Now let’s focus on: why cloud computing is ideal for your small business.

1) You no longer have to pay for someone (or a team of someones) to do things such as install and update software, install and manage email servers and/or file servers, run backups – the beauty of cloud computing is that all of the business of maintaining the service or application is the responsibility of the cloud vendor, not yours.

2) You no longer have to buy software. Besides the convenience of not having to buy software programs and install them on your own servers/computers, using cloud applications instead can be cheaper.

3) You may be able to consolidate your separate application needs into one multi-application cloud computing service. For instance, Google Apps for Business includes email, a calendar scheduling application, Google Docs for creating documents, presentations and forms and using online file storage and Google Sites for creating websites, all for only $5/month for each person on your account.

4) You may be able to cut back on system hardware. File storage, data backup and software programs all take up a lot of space on servers/computers. With cloud computing, you use someone else’s servers to store all this data instead, freeing up your in-house computer equipment for other purposes or even letting you get rid of some of it.

5) A cloud computing application may make integration easier. Because many cloud computing applications include an Application Programming Interface (API) you may be able to find “compatible” applications rather than having to pay to have the applications you want to be integrated customized for you.

6) Cloud computing applications are regularly updated, so you don’t have to spend time and money doing it – and giving you the advantage of always having access to an application’s latest features and functions.

Other Cloud Computing Advantages

7) Cloud computing allows you and your employees easy access to applications and data from different computers and devices. Since cloud applications are browser-based they are accessible from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. For example, cloud-based accounting applications come with Android or Apple compatible mobile applications that allow you to access your accounting data from any mobile device and send invoices, track expenses, etc. on the run.

8) Cloud computing lets you start up or grow your small business quickly. It’s a lot easier and faster to sign up for a cloud computing application than to buy a server, get it up and running and install software on it. And because you don’t need to buy hardware and software, your start up or expansion is cheaper, too.

Cloud Computing Is for Every Small Business


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