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10 Interesting Facts about Germany

Throughout history, there has been numerous discoveries and inventions made by Germans. Some of the most notable ones include the car (automobile), bacteriology, book printing,

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New feature – Upload your logo

We are excited to introduce you to SkyFlok’s newest feature – Custom Logos! You can select a logo style or customize the appearance of your



Did you know that Dutch people are the tallest in the world? Check out these 10 interesting and fun facts about the Netherlands – another country

10 Interesting Facts about France

Did you know that the hot air balloon and the parachute are both french inventions? Today we look into 10 interesting facts about France –

Industry News

How data privacy builds patient trust

To retain patients and maintain the vital trust relationship, technology that protects data must be seamless, easy to deploy and use, and not negatively affect

Ransomware getting more targeted

To reduce the potential impact of ransomware attacks, firms should also focus on ensuring they have tried and tested capabilities to backup and restore critical

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