SkyFlok is the result of a long technology development process. We took cutting-edge concepts, developed in top universities around the world, and transformed it into a living, breathing product that can help you be in control of your data, comply with new privacy regulations, and simplify your business interactions with your clients. Our resulting core technology is not only patented: it is revolutionary! It allows us to spread data securely across multiple storage locations. We are the only provider in the world to give clients the choice of multiple file locations without compromising privacy. We are constantly working to make more locations and service providers available in SkyFlok. Supporting this simple, single bill, multi-cloud storage service is one of our points of pride. 


Daniel E. Lucani


PhD at MIT. Author of 8 patents and applications on network coding. Tech expert 12+ years experience.

Marcell Feher


MSc in Software Engineering, 7+ years of mobile, desktop and web development & leading technical teams.

Kevin M. Gibney

Global VP
Sales & Marketing

MBA Kellogg, NYU, 19 years in Sales & Marketing (5 continents) AT&T, Siemens, Nokia, Startups.

Chres W. Sørensen

Software engineer

PhD degree from Aalborg University, 5+ years of experience with sparse network codes.

Kristina Ilieva

Marketing Assistant

Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration with specialization in International Marketing.

Lars Nielsen

Software Engineer

Cand.polyt/MSc Engineering in Software. 10+ years of developing backend systems. Office weirdo.

László B. Nagy

Software Development Consultant

MSc in Software Engineering, 3+ years of experience with cloud technologies, DevOps, distributed systems.

Mads Blome

Frontend Developer

AP Graduate in Computer Science,
2+ years of experience with frontend development.

Malou Sloth

Multimedia Designer

AP Graduate in Multimedia Design and Communication. 1+ years of creating multimedia solutions.

Márton Sipos

Software Engineer

PhD candidate at BME and AAU, 6+ years of experience with erasure coding for distributed storage.

Rajmund Staniek

Software Developer Intern

AP degree student in Comp. Science at UCN, working my way towards Data Science degree. Hobbyist photographer.


Peter Ladefoged


Børge Lindberg

Board Member

Frank Fitzek

Board Member

Muriel Médard

Board Member

Per Hartmann Christensen

Board Member


Gianmarco Tasca


Christophe Maire


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