You are currently viewing 7 GDPR readiness success stories to inspire any company

7 GDPR readiness success stories to inspire any company

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In a series of blog posts, IBM is offering coaching to get businesses into shape so they can thrive in the new data era and GDPR.

Is your business GDPR-compliant and how did you prepare for the new data privacy regulations?

SkyFlok helps businesses protect the privacy of their data and become GDPR compliant. We give you full control over your data’s geo-location, meaning, you can select the locations where your client files are stored. We offer a growing number of GDPR-compliant locations in Europe, Canada, and the USA. In the near future, we will offer GDPR-compliant locations all around the Globe.

For some time now, IBM has been working with customers as they work towards GDPR compliance, tackling the challenges from industries as varied as telecommunications, financial services, media and manufacturing.

Here are some examples of how companies have prepared for the GDPR and in the process, built a foundation to foster closer, more valuable relationships with customers.

Cross-functional collaboration at a consumer goods company

With the help of IBM, a multinational consumer goods company performed a GDPR readiness assessment to identify essential governance, process, people, data and security initiatives. Then IBM helped define a data privacy officer (DPO) role and made recommendations on how the DPO could be incorporated into the organization. Finally, IBM set out a roadmap of recommended steps to help the the company prepare for the GDPR.

The big lesson: GDPR compliance is a cross-functional effort. Does your GDPR compliance plan cover data intake, storage, usage, maintenance and disposal?

A car giant gets its GDPR house in order

Today’s car manufacturers can learn a lot from the data produced by customers using their vehicle’s software-enabled features. This makes the automotive industry highly sensitive to GDPR data protection principles.

An IBM team worked with a leading manufacturer’s marketing, sales and service departments to perform process and system impact analyses, as well as an application audit. The team then worked with legal and business leads and the GDPR program manager to develop a high-level compliance roadmap.

The big lesson: What counts as personal data under GDPR may not appear all that personal on the face of it. In this example, even “technical data” like a vehicle identification number is considered personal. Do you know what it takes to create a sustainable, governed data assets for the GDPR and beyond?

A 3-year GDPR roadmap for an insurer

Insurance companies often create profiles for customers based on personal data such as job roles, demographics, socioeconomics, health status, hobbies and location…

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