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Survey Report: More than Half of Small Businesses Globally Struggle with Over-Complicated IT Infrastructures

New research from the Kaspersky Lab 2018 B2B Survey shows that two-thirds of very small business and small and medium-sized business IT staff struggle to manage their over-complicated IT infrastructure and lack a control of their data.

While enterprise-level companies normally have the resources and finances to address data loss incidents, the consequences for smaller organizations could mean damaging disruptions in operations or even loss of business.

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IT security management skills gap

The growing complexity of the cloud requires SMBs to take a new approach to infrastructure management, but the report findings indicate a lack of IT staff with the skills to overcome this challenge. According to the findings, 32 percent of VSBs and 14 percent of SMBs trust staff members who are not IT specialists to manage IT security. IT security management should be as important as growing the business and if neglected or not managed by professionals, this could result in a real risk to the companies’ sensitive corporate data.

Lack of data control

As businesses grow, they increasingly embrace new tools and cloud services to allow employees to be more efficient and flexible, but these also present security risks if not managed by IT properly. According to the report, 49 percent of VSBs and 64 percent of SMBs have valuable client data stored on staff members’ mobile devices. If this data is leaked, it has the potential to result in serious reputational damage to the company, as well as financial losses resulting from litigations.


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