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New feature – Upload your logo

We are excited to introduce you to SkyFlok’s newest feature – Custom Logos! You can select a logo style or customize the appearance of your company and/or your clients by uploading a preferred Logo.

Upload Your Company’s Logo & Branding

To upload your company’s logo go to ‘Team Settings’ and select ‘New team logo’.


Once you have uploaded your company’s logo it will be displayed at the top of your screen.


Upload your Client’s Logo

Create a new Client Space‘ and ‘customize the appearance‘ by adding their logo.


You can also ‘edit the logo by simply going to your Client Space‘ and ‘selecting/uploading‘ a new logo.


When your clients log into your Client Space they will see your company’s logo!


Once you have added the custom logo to your Client Space, your logo, as well as your client’s logo, will be displayed at the top of the screen.


Stay tuned for more cool features!



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