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Businesses rank low in cybersecurity awareness

Businesses in Uganda score very low on awareness of the threats posed by hackers and other bad actors and they do not seem prepared for attacks that might cost them a lot in damages and mitigation expenses. 

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As cybercrime rises across the globe and new initiatives in Europe and the US aim at improving cybersecurity and enhancing data protection, Uganda still seems to be lagging behind.

Ugandan Businesses Unprepared for Cyber Attacks
Preparedness across sectors in Uganda is very low, according to a recent report compiled by the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre at the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford.

What is most concerning is that, as the report underlines, most businesses and industries in Uganda have minimal awareness of their own needs when it comes to cybersecurity.

The corporate culture in the country is not focused on digital security and even though the private sector is trying to catch up, there are usually only a few people within each business that are really aware of the issues. By contrast, financial institutions like banks are often more up to speed.

They are trying to raise awareness within the work environment, have a grasp of the risks that might put them in danger, and are actively trying to increase their capabilities. SMEs also seem more or less aware of threats, but they do not have the expertise and skills required to know how to respond to them appropriately.

Outdated Operating Systems and Internet Browsers a Major Security Risk
The trend is in line with the reality within the government infrastructure as well, as the report points out that most government employees are not trained on cybersecurity issues and efforts for raising social awareness are scarce and insufficient.


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