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10 Interesting Facts about Germany

Throughout history, there has been numerous discoveries and inventions made by Germans. Some of the most notable ones include the car (automobile), bacteriology, book printing, record player, refrigerator and television. In today’s article we look into 10 interesting facts about Germany – a country included in our list of cloud storage locations. 

1. Over 800 million currywursts are eaten in Germany each year

The currywurst is one of the many beloved sausages in Germany, and nowadays you can also have the vegetarian or vegan version of the currywurst at some restaurants. And, I think it’s safe to say that a majority of the Germans enjoy eating a currywurst every now and then.

800 million currywursts is approximately 10 currywursts per person annually. Definitely one of the many interesting facts about Germany.

2. German inventions that have changed the world

Throughout history, there has been numerous discoveries and inventions made by Germans. Some of the most notable ones include the car (automobile), bacteriology, book printing, record player, refrigerator, television, and the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein just to mention a few.

As you can see, some of the things you use and depend on daily came from German inventions and discoveries.

3. It’s illegal to run out of fuel in the German Autobahn

Be sure to fill up your tank or have enough left until the next gas station. It’s against the law to run out of fuel while driving on the Autobahn. The fine can be from €30 up to €70 depending on the case.

4. Germany has officially abolished college tuition fees

Back in 2014, the college tuition fees were removed in 16 German states at public universities. This means that everyone could study there for free except for some small fees for administration and other small costs per semester.

This even applies to non-germans, which means a foreigner could come here and study at a public university as well.

5. Germans are brutally honest and precise

One thing that I really like about Germans is how honest they are. Sure, it can be frustrating at times if you can’t handle the truth, but in the long run, I also think it’s best to be honest straight away.

In addition to that, I have found a lot of Germans to be precise. If you ask for something, you will get a precise answer, and everything should be correct and follow the rules. I like that, it results in order and trust.

6. They have the best Christmas markets in the world

One of my favorite activities during winter is to visit one of the Christmas Markets in Europe, particularly in Germany.

German Christmas markets have a long tradition and date back to the 1300’s and 1400’s. It’s a celebration for Christmas and some of the most famous ones can be found in Dresden, Augsburg, Berlin, Dortmund, and Cologne.

Drinking Glüwhein is also one of the highlights at the Christmas markets!

7. Germans have one of the world’s best passports

They have the third best passport in the world. Germans can travel to 126 countries around the world without a visa, and to 36 additional countries, they can get a visa on arrival.

8. 65% of the Autobahn has no speed limit

The recommended speed limit is 130 kilometer per hour unless otherwise stated at the Autobahn. However, there’s no upper-speed limit at 65% of the Autobahn, so don’t be surprised when you see someone driving over 200 kilometers per hour.

Most people drive quite normal around 130 km/h though and there are several lanes, so don’t feel pressured to drive faster than you are comfortable with.

9. More than 6 million liters of beer is being drunk at Oktoberfest each year

Germans love their beer and Oktoberfest is one of the major events yearly where many people dress up in the traditional costume, tracht, dirndl, and lederhosen while drinking delicious beer!

10. Germans are great at recycling

Did you know that Germany is world leading at recycling? They are also taking a big step forward in renewable energy. The wave of recycling and renewable energy is a result of strong government policy and citizens who care about the environment and want to take their responsibility in recycling for a better planet Earth.