You are currently viewing Introducing SkyFlok –  The Next Generation Cloud Storage Solution for Small Businesses

Introducing SkyFlok –  The Next Generation Cloud Storage Solution for Small Businesses

Unless you are comfortable with leaving your business exposed to data loss, you have probably moved your company’s IT infrastructure to the Cloud. Perhaps, you have gotten used to it and even use more than one Cloud provider to meet some of your data storage and sharing needs. But, are you ready to cope with the new privacy regulations for your customers coming in May 2018 (GDPR)? Selecting the right Cloud storage solution can be an overwhelming task for your small company and critical for your business success. SkyFlok is here to meet these new challenges head-on and make it simple for you to comply with GDPR.

Your Data Is Your Treasure: Know Your Enemy and Watch Out for It
Imagine that your clients or colleagues have no access to the information they need due to data loss. It can cost your company a lot of money, time and resources to get out of the situation without any serious consequences.

Some of the reasons that can cause data loss could be:
-Service outages,
-Natural disasters,
-Ransomware attacks, and
-Data Breaches

New Data Protection Regulations on Their Way! Is Your Business Ready for Them?  
The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for managing private data from EU customers and its consequences are still unclear for many business owners. Being compliant requires time and resources in order to avoid the big penalties specified in GDPR. This compliance is not limited to where you store customer data and how, but even preventing data from being deleted by accident or purposefully. These can cost you a lot of money, put your business at risk, and potentially ruin your reputation.

Don’t Worry, You Are Not Alone in This
Many small companies are facing the same problems every single day and statistics show that more than half of data theft victims are small to mid-size businesses.
That is why choosing the right Cloud storage solution that fits your needs, allows you to choose where and how to store your data, and protects it from potential threats, is essential for your business stability and for your clients’ privacy.

This is Where SkyFlok Comes in! A New Multi-Cloud Storage Aggregator for Storing and Protecting Your Business and Your Clients’ Secrets

SkyFlok is designed to help small business owners run their business smoothly by offering them an easy-to-use web application and a desktop application to store and share data privately across multiple data storage providers across the globe. Choose from any of our GDPR compliant locations in Europe, Canada, and the USA and, in the near future, with GDPR-compliant locations all around the Globe.

SkyFlok also allows you to interact with your Clients through a secure environment (Client Space) that keeps track of the events and changes to files. This is not only more secure than emails, but also more convenient. SkyFlok is ideal for maintaining clarity, transparency, and auditing.

Innovative Network Coding Technology for 100% Protected Data
SkyFlok redefines the privacy of your data and the security in the Cloud by using a new technology to protect your valuable information.
We spread your data across multiple Cloud providers and do not store or transport your data through our servers. Doing so, we keep your data fully protected and do not let anyone look into it, even the individual Cloud providers. Our technology preserves the integrity of your data even if a Cloud location/provider suffers an outage or in case of a natural disaster. Keep all past versions of your data for your records and also in case of ransomware attacks.

Get Full Control Over Your Data
With SkyFlok you have full control over your data’s geo-location and you can select the locations and Cloud providers where your client data is stored. You can access/restore files easily and ensure instant access to every file and version you need – anytime and anywhere!

No Accidental Loss

SkyFlok does not immediately delete data. We have a cool-off period of 30 days for your own data. Your clients’ data is kept indefinitely for their and your protection.

Big Solutions for Your Small Business
We are giving you an enterprise-grade storage at small-business prices where you can share and communicate files with your colleagues and clients without compromising data on transit

We Have Not Only Thought About Your Security but Also about Your Convenience

With SkyFlok, you can easily manage and predict your expenses. Achieve Multi-Cloud benefits and security but paying only one bill, instead of paying many suppliers/bills.
You can finally manage the mess out of your multiple storage accounts while keeping your important files safe and protected.


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